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Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Raoul and I’m a freelance designer focused on making things that really matter. Feel free to look through the projects by pressing the arrow keys.  

Rapid test for blood infections

for LoopDX

Worldwide about 8 million people die yearly due to sepsis. A quick diagnosis is crucial to threat sepsis since the mortality rate increases by approximately 10% for each hour without treatment. Therefore LoopDX came up with a faster and more reliable method of diagnosing sepsis trough immune activity. In collaboration with Hospital de Bellvitge and Comillas Pontifical University we’re currently developing the device, a point of care rapid tester which predicts bloodstream infections. Due to confidentiality and a patent in application not much more can be shown at this stage.

Modular Prosthetics

for Mentelity Foundation

The Mentelity Foundation helps children with a prosthetic to play sports. The problem with current prosthetics is that children cannot independently switch between different foots. Furthermore insurance usually only pays for one prosthetic. Therefore a concept design and proof of concept prototype is made that allows children to be independent since they can easily switch out different foots while using the same socket. The design is currently being used to raise funding for further development.

Running Shoe Midsole


Good shock attenuation in a running shoe is not just simply about having good damping. Based on literature analysis and ASICS’s own test method a new midsole concept has been designed, prototyped, and tested. This newly designed metamaterial geometry is optimized for different areas in the shoe. This midsole concept increases the runner’s comfort which is one of the main factors to reduce the risk on injuries. The project has been executed as a graduation project for ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Japan.

Solar Powerpack

For Onergy

During this team project we developed a solar power pack for homes and small shops for the Indian social enterprise named Onergy. Extensive field research has been executed and let to the conclusion that current solar solutions are not used efficiently due to improper panel placement and energy management. The new solar power pack gives the user control and understanding on efficient energy consumption and harvesting. It has time left feedback, smart energy management and a charging speed indicator. Furthermore it has been optimized to reduce costs and suit the different customer segments . Team members: Maarten den Breeijen, Polle van Duuren & Susana Herrera Manzano. Additional info: www.solarizingindia.com

Windsurf Extension

For Unifiber

An extension in windsurfing is used to extend the mast, tension the sail, and to connect the rig with the board. The newly designed extension has a safer, more ergonomic, and durable sand proof locking system. The cleat’s shape is designed to easily apply downhaul by using a winch or by hand while preventing wear the downhaul rope. The whole development process has been executed, from extensive market research until production facilitation.

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Windsurf Harnesses

For Unifiber

In windsurfing a harness is used to control the power of the sail more easily. The surfer leans into the harness which is connected with the rig. This saves a lot of energy in the arms. Two new thermoformed waist harnesses have been designed for Unifiber. One to give the user maximum freedom of movement and being very lightweight, while still getting sufficient support were needed. The other harness is focussed on superior support and comfort due to its optimized inside structure as well as the outline. Furthermore an extra down hall rope for emergency situations can be stored in the pad which covers the hook. Both have a thermoformed EVA panel on the inside to makes sure the harness stays in place.

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